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Real Time Spy

The first software of its kind... Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely install the software on any computer as well as view the log files from anywhere in the world via your own personal Realtime-Spy webspace!

Realtime-Spy does not require IP addresses and does not create a direct connection with the PC you are monitoring! Once installed all log files are uploaded secretly to your personal Realtime-Spy account on our webserver. This enables you to view reports in real-time from anywhere in the world.


PopupAgent is the latest in intelligent popup blocking software from Spytech Software! PopupAgent kills and stops ad popups from annoying you and wasting your browsing time on the web. PopupAgent features sophisticated popup blocking technology combined with privacy protection tools.

Stop Annoying Popup Ads
Save bandwidth
Customizable website blocking
Easy to use Cookie Manager
Quick Internet History cleaning
Customizable website white list

Barcode Maker

RalTech Barcode Maker allows you to quickly generate bar codes for your favorite design and layout applications or print bar code labels to your printer.
Copy, paste, and import bar codes into Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, Freehand — any Windows application that supports graphics.

RalTech Barcode Maker is the one solution for all of your Windows bar coding needs..


SpamAgent is the latest in email monitoring technology. SpamAgent is a powerful email monitoring and filtering tool that allows you to get the email you want - and nothing more. SpamAgent has a comprehensive set of filters (over 1500!) that block spam and unwanted emails - before they reach your inbox!

SpamAgent is also a great solution for protection your PC's security and privacy by allowing you to block potentially damaging attachments, and for fighting against spam. Read more below to see all of SpamAgent's features!

Cutting Edge Business Software At Affordable Prices

We currently have propriety commercial software available for download and purchase direct from this website and from some of our partners.

Zphinx is continously developing new products to address business and mission critical issues affecting industries and businesses across the globe.

Software Products From Zphinx

We also partner with some leading software development corporations to offer you the best in B2B and B2C commercial software and licenses.

Please browse our featured software gallery or look through the list below for information about your desired software product.

We Support our customers

We offer a quick turn around on support issues but insist that clients open a ticket when requesting product or service support.


WebEradicator allows you to use your PC in private without having to worry about others seeing what you have been doing, or reading your sensitive data.

WebEradicator can securely erase all your PC histories, leaving no traces in your PC.

WebEradicator can help improve your PC's performance! WebEradicator can:

Free up precious hard-drive space
Improve your browser performance
Schedule WebEradicator to eradicate system degrading files!

WebEradicator can help you cover your tracks, or simply let you use your PC in total privacy.

Clicktimizer Pro

Clicktimizer is a popup window management service which utilises an intelligent agent to deliver targeted content to websites through various patterns of popup and popunder windows, while continously monitoring user/browser interaction across selected websites.


SpyLock is a powerful and easy-to-use software utility that allows you to keep others from accessing your system. SpyLock features different security levels for your machine, as well as access attempt(s) and away message logging. All logs are easily viewed with the built in log viewers. If security is an issue for you then SpyLock is for you!

SpyLock introduces new security administration features. SpyLock allows you to quickly set security access rights to your Windows PC. These access rights range from start menu access, to shutdown access, to control panel access, to system shutdown access! Look below for screenshots of the expansive options screens for restricting your users' actions!


NetVizor is the award winning powerful PC comprehensive monitoring suite that allows you or your corporation to record all activity on one or every PC from a single administrative location. So you can rest easy without worrying about how your PC is being used or what is being done on your PC.
NetVizor can be used for employee PC monitoring. NetVizor insures employees stay on task and do not abuse business machines reducing your companies cost of non productive time spent, network costs and liabilities of your employees inappropriate activities on the Internet. Logs are all stored remotely on a shared,password protected, network folder.